Working with Fashion Designers

TOKU is always in. We choose cooperation over competition and becoming friends over staying strangers. That has lead us to working with fashion designers – talented artists, who have taken us to glamorous London catwalks and trendy Tokyo pop-ups. We consider ourselves lucky to have had the chance to take part in quite many projects. Here are some of them that we thought you’d be interested learning more about.

working with fashion designers

Kriss Soonik

Kriss Soonik – luxurious, sexy, playful, witty lingerie brand had a dream to have shoes in her collection one day. Working together with Kriss and launching Kriss Soonik’s TOKU shoes, proved us (and the world!) that sexy + comfy is the way to go! A touch of playfulness covered our Berlin shoes and ended up in Kriss Soonik’s pop up shop in Tokyo, and is now available at her online shop. Meow!

working with fashion designers
Kriss Soonik lingerie and toku shoes

Triinu Pungits

Triinu Pungits – the crowd knows Triinu for her textile designs, bold style and amazzzing one of a kind handmade coats. She was invited to take part of the “Ones to Watch” show during London Fashion Week in September 2017, with her ss18 collection. Our shoes complemented the looks of Triinu Pungits’ collection and thanks to that, made it to the stores in London.. Check out our map to find the exact locations! Triinu not only designs textiles and clothes, she also teaches textile design at Tartu Art College. What could be a better way to give back to the community than teaching the next generation and helping them succeed!

Triinu Pungits fashion x Toku shoes
working with fashion designers

Studio August

Studio August – the leading Estonian organic womenswear brand presented their ss18 collection at Helsinki Fashion Week in August 2017. During that time, TOKU had been on the store shelves only for 2 months. Going to HFW17 with  August meant a great deal for us – we developed some confidence and understood, that what we do is good. The notion got stronger, when TOKU ended up in VOGUE magazine with Studio August! Check out our Vogue Magazine blog post here.

Studio August x Toku shoes
working with fashion designers

There is this misunderstanding, that business is a competition. Most of the time, it shouldn’t be. Business should be open-minded, collaborative, supportive. Especially in a field so harsh – fashion. For us, working with fashion designers, weather world-known or just starting artists with beautiful visions, has always been exciting. Especially when our values resonate to their’s. When we all want to move towards a kinder world.