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TOKU Shoes – for comfort and fun. Sustainable choice since 1927. Handmade in Estonia 🙂

TOKU is a combination of surprising features that just makes them stand out. The minimalistic design of TOKU shoes suits perfectly with everything in one’s wardrobe. That important meeting, a date at the new restaurant or a bit of late night fun on the dance floor. They’ll go anywhere.

But it’s not about the looks. Well, not only. It’s the comfort that can’t be described with words. We owe our gratitude to the families of our design teams. Their loved ones have done countless extra hours to create this extra comfy feel. Slip your foot into a TOKU and you will know what we are talking about.

Toku shoes insoles

Values & traditions

TOKU cares about how shoes are crafted. Everything is handmade. We know each one of our shoemakers by name. We know their kids’ names too. All the leather is handpicked from selected European farms. Sustainability might as well be our middle name. TOKU is especially foot-friendly as our insoles are inspired by orthopaedic shoes.

So where does all this passion for shoes come from? Our history dates back almost a hundred years to 1927 to a family shoe-business in Võru, Estonia. The small town surrounded by mystic forests and picturesque hills, the family traditions, as well as a profound respect for nature and the beauty around is still very much the core of TOKU shoes.

Take care and don’t forget to check out our lookbooks 😉

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Handmade Toku shoes

… footwear to wear anywhere.